While talking, he strode forward to Fatty, regardless of the fact that Fatty's palm was festered, and directly raised his hand to hold it. At this moment, Tang San's palm turned into a jade color in an instant. A strange scene appeared, and even Oscar's little sausage was too poisonous. After Tang San grasped Fatty's hand, he quickly retreated along the same path, and the faint purple-black liquid continued to flow into Tang San's palm and disappeared. In just a few breaths, the fat man's arm had returned to normal, and the wound on his palm began to leak bright red blood. The painful color on his face also disappeared. "What the hell is going on?" The same question appeared in everyone except Tang San.Seeing that the fat man was okay, Tang San was also relieved. He knew that everyone had a lot of questions, but he didn't rush to explain. After letting go of the fat man's hand, he walked quickly to the dead human face demon spider, and raised his hand to press on it. The body of the Human Face Demon Spider had completely turned gray at this time, lifeless.