Hearing Xiao Wu’s question, Tang San suddenly woke up, "Yes, I almost forgot something. Teacher Zhao, wait a while before leaving." At this time, they were already near the edge of the Star Dou Forest, although they could see some souls. Animals, but most of them are ten years or one hundred years old. Zao Wuji stopped and looked at Tang San, "What's wrong?" Tang San raised his hand and wiped it on the moonlit night of the Twenty-Four Bridge, and took out the Zhuge God's Crossbow. Xiao Wu mentioned the death of the Human Face Demon Spider, and only then did he remember that his Zhuge God Crossbow had not been fired after the second time that day. If you keep the machine in good condition for a long time, it will damage the crossbow body. Fortunately, only more than a day has passed, and now it is still too late to put the phone on.Once the Zhuge God Crossbow is on the right machine, it must be released by firing. This is also one of its shortcomings.