Tang San's only slight movement of spirit power, there was a series of dense cracking sounds. The body of the human face demon spider turned into pieces. "I understand." Combining the feelings in previous meditations, Tang San finally figured out the ins and outs."From now on, everyone shouldn’t slam the spider legs behind me. These spider legs contain the poison of the human face devil spider. When I absorbed the spirit ring before, I didn’t know why, but also all the toxins of the human face devil spider Inhaled into the body. I am afraid that why this happened can only be figured out by seeing the teacher. I don’t know the reason, but now my physical condition is barely figured out. I have the third spirit ability granted by the Human Face Demon Spider , Is the spider web it is best at. And my blue silver grass should have undergone a certain mutation after adding the human face demon spider spirit ring. As for the extent of the mutation, I can only go back and experiment slowly.