In front of a group of geniuses better than herself, what kind of superiority would she have?Although a period of time has passed, Zao Wou-ki's strength is only 50% of his best state because of his use of the Martial Spirit Body. Therefore, everyone is still very careful when leaving the Star Dou Great Forest. Not only is everyone equipped with an Oscar mushroom sausage and recovery sausage, but also maintains the best defense formation.In the process of walking out of the Great Star Dou Forest, Xiao Wu Jiang said to Tang San what he had said to everyone before. He also told him that he had obtained the third spirit ring. "Xiao Wu, what is your third spirit ring skill?" Tang San asked curiously. Xiao Wu chuckled and said: "Keep it secret, I'll tell you when I get back. Xiao San, how did you kill the Human Face Demon Spider? At that time, you were the only one. Even the injured Human Face Demon Spider, attack Power is also very terrifying. And it is very poisonous."