My overall attributes Both have been greatly improved, especially in terms of strength and speed. Soul power has also been greatly improved, and it seems that it is more than thirty-one."Zao Wuji asked: "Then what's the matter with the spider legs behind you?" Tang San smiled bitterly, "Just like absorbing all the toxins of the human face demon spider, I don't know why this happened. Those spiders The legs seem to have nothing to do with the spirit ring I absorbed. I can control their actions, but they are a little awkward." Dai Mubai said, "Can you take them back? You can't always do this. You will be treated as a monster. "Tang San said helplessly: "Aren't we all monsters ourselves? Let me try." As he said, he condensed his soul power into his back spine, and issued an order to recover the eight spider legs.A strange scene appeared, the stretched three-meter-long spider legs slowly folded, the two curved sections were joined together, and then a little bit of Chao Tang San's body was integrated.