But in the end we finally survived. The three of Oscar, Tang San, and Xiao Wu successfully achieved the spirit ring advanced soul sovereign state. The harvest was quite good. It's time to go back, and we set off toward Shrek Academy."Everyone cheered in unison, and survived several times. Now everything has been resolved, and they can finally go home. The seven students looked at each other, and the invisible tacit understanding spread in everyone's hearts. After this trip to the Star Dou Great Forest, whether it was for those who obtained the spirit ring or not, the only thing I thought about now was to return to the academy and lie down comfortably on his own bed.If there was still a gap between the seven when they came, then their relationship is undoubtedly closer now. Ning Rongrong, who was the least accepted by everyone before, was recognized by everyone with her actions, and she herself finally felt the meaning of the word friend between life and death.